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The Danish squad of Astralis quickly became a significant figure on the CS:GO scene and managed to make numerous deep runs at some of the biggest CS:GO tournaments in the world, taking down multiple Counter-Strike titans such as, Luminosity Gaming, and Natus Vincere better known as NAVI. Astralis’ first big triumph came in January 2017 when they overpowered the Polish legends such as pashabiceps from at the ELEAGUE Major in Atlanta. A tournament, where Astralis’ youngster kjaerbye presented an impressive performance with his incredible rifle abilities, which granted him the Major MVP medal.
Under the guidance of IGL gla1ve, mixed with the immense firepower from device and dupreeh, and rounded off with two of the best role players in Magisk and Xyp9x, the Danish powerhouse Astralis went on to establish a dominant dynasty. In a two-year period from 2018 to 2019, Astralis won three Major tournaments back-to-back as the first CS:GO team ever, and furthermore racked up millions of dollars in prize earnings, owing to their countless tournament titles and victories. All being achievements and a golden age that we most likely never will see again in Counter-Strike.
These are some of Astralis’ most notable achievements:
1st ELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017
 1st FACEIT Major London 2018
 1st ELEAGUE Premier 2018
 1st ESL Pro League Finals Season 8
 1st StarLadder Berlin Major 2019
 1st Intel Extreme Masters Katowice Major 2019
 1st BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019
 1st Intel Grand Slam Season 1
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